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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners: The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs by Personality Type

We made a list of the best gifts for your pup based on their personality because each dog is unique. Happy shopping!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners: The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs by Personality Type

We made a list of the best gifts for your pup based on their personality because each dog is unique. Happy shopping!

by: Isabel Klee, @isabelklee

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you're probably stressed about getting every person you know the perfect gift. There's your best friend, significant other, mom, in-laws, and that co-worker you're still trying to win over. And, if you're anything like us, you're also thinking long and hard about what to get for the most important creature in your life… your dog!

Think about it – your dog is there for you 24/7 — more than any other person on the planet. They're there on the good and bad days, through everything that life throws at you – so don't you think they deserve a better Christmas present than just a new tennis ball?

The best dog Christmas gifts don’t have to be Christmas tree-shaped dog treats or squeaker toys. Or, if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, you don’t have to settle for holiday-themed bandanas decorated with Menorahs or Dreidel-shaped dog toys. You can get a lot more creative than that. And trust us, your doggy will thank you.

We made a list of the best gifts for your pup based on their personality because each dog is unique. Happy shopping!

For the Energetic Enthusiast

This is for the pup who always seems to have spare energy to burn and is always up for a long run or a marathon game of fetch. These dogs are athletes first and foremost but still love to snuggle on the couch after a ferocious game of tug-of-war. They'll want something to tire them out while staying comfy and cozy this winter.

Yak Chews 

A yak chew is the best treat for an energetic pup. These tasty snacks were tested by super-chewers and are proven to be long-lasting. Chewing is an excellent activity for dogs in the colder months because, in addition to mental stimulation, it provides physical stimulation for those days and nights when it's too chilly to go out for a walk. The yak chew provides the mental stimulation of dog chew toys with the nutritional benefit of a healthy and satisfying snack.

A Couch Blanket

You didn't think your dog would chew their yak chew on the cold, hardwood floor, did you?! A fuzzy couch blanket is the perfect pairing for a fun new chew. Your pup will be able to enjoy their treat while staying comfortable and warm. Plus, throwing a blanket in the wash is much easier than cleaning your entire couch. It's a win-win – your dog gets to stay cozy, and you get to keep your home clean, making this a great gift for the whole family (or at least the part of the family that’s responsible for doing the laundry).

For the Laid-Back Lounge Hound

We love couch potatoes – they're calm, sweet, and stress-free. This dog loves binging the latest season of Selling Sunset while sharing the occasional potato chip and taking more naps than you thought physically possible. A gift for this dog has to be thoughtful while still maximizing comfort. 


Pumpkin isn’t just the superior type of pie; it’s also a great addition to your dog’s diet to help them get a jump start on their New Year’s resolutions. If your dog likes laying around all day (no judgment, so do we!), they may also struggle with their weight. Keeping our dogs happy and healthy is always our number one priority, and that includes weight management. Thanks to its high fiber content, Pumpkin helps your dog feel full and satisfied, which can help keep less active dogs from putting on too much winter weight.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

If your dog spends most of their time napping, you want to ensure they're lying on a bed that supports them properly. Unlike other pet bedsorthopedic dog beds are designed to gently cradle your dog's body so there's little to no pressure on their joints. The best part? Most dog beds come with removable covers, so keeping them clean and smelling fresh is a breeze.

For the Social Butterfly

If your dog has more friends than you do, listen up. This dog loves going to the park every morning, hitting the newest outdoor patio for Sunday brunch, and catching up with all their dog pals on neighborhood walks. They're social, sweet, and friendly to every person and dog they meet. So, what do you get a dog who has it all?

A Daily Supplement

The Daily super supplement has a little of everything, just like your well-rounded pooch. This everyday supplement provides eleven essential benefits that tackle the most common ailments of our pets, including mobility, energy, gut health, and skin and coat issues. Can't go wrong there! 

A Leash and Poop Bag Set

When your dog is walking around the dog park, you want them to look their best, and there's nothing more chic than a matching dog leash and poop bag holder. Splurge this holiday season on a set with a bit of pizazz – this one has gold detailing that's sure to be the talk of the town. You can even pair it with an equally fashionable dog collar to really complete the look.

For the Mischief Maker

All dogs are good dogs, but some are certainly more mischievous than others. We know your dog is a counter surfer, occasionally rips up your newest package, and digs colossal holes in your perfectly planted grass – but we love them anyway! What's life without a bit of excitement anyway? If your naughty dog has big New Year's resolutions, we're here to help. These are two gifts that are perfect for your little troublemaker!

A Calming Supplement

Our calm supplement is perfect for when you have back-to-back calls all day and need your mischievous pup to stay out of trouble for once. It allows your dog to relax without making them feel overly drowsy and helps them be the best version of themself. These calm chews can also help with nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or environmental stress sensitivities (e.g., loud noises).

An Enrichment Toy

Did you know dogs need just as much mental exercise as physical? Dogs typically get into trouble when understimulated, and enrichment toys can be a great tool to keep your dog occupied and entertained. These interactive puzzle toys can also redirect unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, and digging in a fun and exciting way. This dog puzzle is level three, which means it'll take your dog a while to figure it out.

For the Gentle Giant

There's nothing better than an enormous, gentle dog who just wants to be loved. We picture this dog being older, fluffy, and sweet as the decorations on a gingerbread house. If you own a large breed dog that's aging gracefully, you want to know how to help make this stage of their life a little bit easier.

Omega Oil

Large dogs obviously weigh more, which takes a toll on their joints. Large breeds are also prone to orthopedic issues, and staying on top of that is critical for long-term health. Omega oil helps sustain your dog's joint health while also being delicious!

An Elevated Bowl Set

Everyone loves a good dog bowl set, but did you know an elevated set of dog bowls can help alleviate strains in your dog's neck? As dogs age, it's normal for them to become less agile than they once were. Picking their head up and down every single time they want a drink of water can become strenuous with age, so elevated bowls are the way to go. 

For the Food Aficionado

Is your dog absolutely, positively food-obsessed? Would they choose a hamburger over you if given the chance? While your feelings may be hurt, we can't blame them – food is the best! Getting your foodie dog a gift that doesn't include (actual) food is the real test, but we're here to deliver.

A Probiotic Supplement

We've all been there – we gave our dog a scrap of food from the table, and now they're having emergency poops at 3:00 in the morning. If your dog loves trying new food but has a sensitive stomach, a probiotic can help. This powder can be used as a food topper or mixed with water to boost their digestive health.

A Slow-Feeder Dog Bowl

If your dog is food-obsessed, they probably also scarf their food down as quickly as possible. Eating too fast can be extremely dangerous for dogs, so finding a high-quality slow feeder bowl is important. Slow feeders not only ensure your dog is safe from choking on their kibble, but they also provide dogs with mental enrichment that a regular bowl doesn't. 

For the Fancy Foodie

You know the type – the dog who goes with their owner every morning to get black coffee from their local cafe. They're most likely wearing a striped sweater and look like they could teach you a college course. They're cool, calm, and collected and don't seem phased by anything that comes their way. If this sounds like your dog, we have the perfect gifts in mind. 

Bone Broth

What's the dog equivalent to an artisanal beer? Bone broth! If your dog is hard to impress, bone broth is the way to go – even the pickiest dogs love the taste! Bone broth is also great for dogs who don't drink a ton of water on their own. Mixing some of this powder with their water will keep your pup hydrated and nourished during these cold winter months. 

A Fancy Bow Tie

I mean, come on! You know we had to. If your dog looks like the canine version of your English Lit professor, he needs a bowtie to complete the look. This must-have accessory will have your dog looking dapper in the family Christmas card this year.

For the Fearless Adventurer

This dog does it all – hiking, swimming, running, you name it. If your dog accompanies you on fun outdoor adventures, we're talking to you! Making sure your active dog stays safe and healthy on all your adventures is always the number one priority, and your holiday gift should reflect that. 

A Joint-Supporting Supplement

Taking care of your dog's joints is vital, and our Relief chews are perfect for doing exactly that. These chews were created by vets and are super effective at relieving your dog's joint and arthritis pain. Give one to your dog before or after a particularly grueling adventure to help ease any soreness they may feel. 

Winter Dog Boots

Okay, so it’s not exactly a Christmas stocking, but it’s pretty close. Not to mention, it’s a practical and functional gift, which makes it even better in our books. Adventuring is great, but adventuring in the winter months is something you need to be prepared for. These winter boots are perfect for caring for your dog's feet and protecting them from salt, snow, and ice. When previously melted snow combines with freezing temperatures, it can burn your dog's paw pads, so keeping their feet covered is the safest option. 

'Tis the Season for Giving

If you’re anything like us, finding good gift ideas for your furry friends and family members can be the most challenging part of holiday shopping. As professional dog lovers, it’s hard to resist the urge to get our pups all the exciting toys and treats we see every time we go to the pet store.

But these stocking stuffer ideas for your pup will truly be the gift that keeps on giving. From a longer, healthier life with your pup to strengthening your bond with each other and filling every day with fun and friendship in between, you can't go wrong with giving your pup any of these goodies this holiday season. Plus, being a pet parent is way easier than being a human parent because you don’t have to convince your dog that Santa is real!

Happy Holidays!

illustration of dog's tail & the dog is digging

need our help choosing the right supplement for your fur-baby?

illustration of dog's tail & the dog is digging