Probiotic for Dogs


Probiotic for Dogs


All Natural

Probiotic for Dogs

A powdered mix of probiotics and organic prebiotics that help promote good gut bacteria.

Addresses acute and chronic diarrhea

Creates a thriving environment for healthy flora

Super tasty and protein-packed

 6 Billion CFU

Shelf-stable for up to 2 years


Additional Benefits

Vet-Developed and Nutritionist-Approved

Only 4 Ingredients, Designed to Work Together

Effective Digestive Support Derived From Nature

4 Simple Ingredients.
1 Magical Formula.

Our formula was designed by a leading board-certified PHD and vet nutritionist who specializes in pet gut health. Her research led to just four targeted probiotics, plus artichoke and pumpkin to maintain the right fibrous home for good gut flora and protein-packed bone broth for taste.

It’s everything dogs need and nothing they don’t.


Probiotic Blend


Jerusalem Artichoke


Pumpkin Seed Powder

Organic + Grass-Fed

Beef Bone Broth

3 Ways To Serve

Mix Into Food

And Watch Those Tails Wag.

Create A Broth

By Just Adding Water.

Sprinkle on Top

Like a Garnish.