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The Native Pet Pact 

we are committed to creating the highest-quality products in pet nutrition, period.

In an industry that has never prioritized the health of our pets, Native Pet is redefining the bar. Unlike food and treats, supplements exist to make a real difference to our pets’ health. Because of this, we believe it’s only right that they be held to the highest standard possible — way beyond anything else we feed our dogs. This ambitious standard is what’s pushed us to work tirelessly for years, developing the best-tasting, most effective, cleanest-label nutrition around. Simply put, it’s our unwavering pact to make the best products for our pets — even when that means doing things the hard way — so that together, as pet owners, we can finally have a meaningful impact on the health, happiness and well-being of our fur babies.

This is the Native Pet Pact

develop & fully own the formulation process—everything is done 100% in-house

choose the right forms & formats to ensure the highest level of efficacy—or innovate new ones if they don’t exist

(science-backed & developed by vets)

use additives and we target no more than 5 inactive ingredients

(the industry average is 20+. woof.)

use fillers or additives & our products are never de-natured, injected, or molded

include human-grade, whole food ingredients (like real chicken, never chicken flavoring) in each of our formulas to provide maximum benefit to our dog's health and wellness.

sell a supplement unless we are the # 1 best tasting product, period

(yep, doggy taste tests are a thing and we love sniffing out the competition!)

We’re taking ownership

It may seem like there are a lot of choices out there, but unfortunately 80% of today’s pet supplements come from the same two manufacturers. Yep — it’s essentially the same formula, just with a different brand name. Crazy, right? We thought so too. That’s why we spent years developing our own proprietary products, formulating everything 100% in-house and sourcing the best ingredients & partners possible. We’ve put in the work, always doing what’s best for our pets — never just what’s easy — so that our fur babies can have the nutrition they need to live healthier, happier lives.

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The Right Formula & Format Has Dogs Begging for It.

Our science-backed approach means that we formulate with the right ingredients, in the right dosage — even when that means putting efficacy over profit. (Told you we were pet parents first…) You’ll see powders and oils versus pressurized, highly processed soft chews. In fact, you’ll never see soft chews at Native Pet —instead, we created the first-ever air-dried chicken chew. Gently manufactured to maintain the efficacy and integrity of our natural ingredients (like real chicken…woof!), pups think it’s superior in every way. And, we’re proud to say we work with one of only 40 Board-Certified Vet Nutritionists in the USA.

Yorkie Mix with Tongue Sticking Out & Human Hand Holding Dog Chew

Committed to Clean

When looking at our competitor's ingredient labels, we seriously had to ask ourselves: “are these ingredients in dog years?” Almost every supplement we saw was high in fat and sugar and had highly processed inactive ingredients. So we made a promise on day-one that our supplements would have zero additives and no more than 5 inactive ingredients per product (remember, the industry average is a whopping 20+). We are committed to always having the cleanest label in the pet supplement aisle, and we will continue to lead the pack when it comes to clean pet nutrition. woof.

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No Fillers. No Fluff. Just the Good Stuff.

As the inventor of the first-ever air-dried chicken chew, we set out to do things differently. Our competitors rely on highly processed ingredients, lots of fillers, and high-pressure extrusion to create and preserve their soft chews. But who wants to feed their dog all that crap? That’s why our proprietary chews are gently air dried with minimal processing - all in order to maintain our natural, efficacious ingredients. No injection or molding, ever. And always super tasty.

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Real, Human-Grade, Whole-Food Ingredients

When it comes to the Native Pet nutrition labels, you’ll recognize the ingredients. Wild-caught salmon. Grass-fed beef. Organic chicken (never chicken flavoring). That’s right, we never add artificial flavoring or fillers. Ever. Because your good boys and girls deserve the good stuff, too.

Raw chicken leg with text overlay: Real Chicken & Chicken flavoring scratched over it.

If Pets Don’t Love ‘Em, We Won’t Sell ‘Em

All Native Pet products have been tested for palatability. Sure, that may sound fancy but we will never sell a product or even consider putting it out there unless we know for a fact that pups love it! Yeah, Doggy taste tests are a real thing and we’re committed to investing in these tests before every single product launch to ensure that we’re the # 1 best tasting versus the competition. Period. 

Grey poodle eating an air dried chew.

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