Native Pet Pumpkin Powder with pumpkins in the background
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Pumpkin powder canister on an orange background with a bowl of pumpkin powder, apples, pumpkin next to it
A pumpkin canister with a hand scooping the pumpkin powder using a blue scoop
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Give your dog digestive relief in the form of organic Pumpkin Powder. This topper supports a healthy digestive system by providing bowel movement regularity and assisting absorption of essential nutrients.

    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • easy cancellations on subscriptions
    • made in USA
    • researched and formulated by vets
    • the right active ingredients in the right dosage

    Product Details

    a hand scooping out pumpkin powder using a blue scoop

    salt-bae your dog's diet

    when one poop bag just isn't enough

    The Right Formula. In the Right Format.

    Unlike all of the pumpkin purées out there, our pumpkin powder has a longer shelf life (sans preservatives). You can serve your pup the best without breaking the bank.

    More Pumpkin, Please

    Serve it on top of their food. Mix it into a purée. Freeze it as a treat. Bake it into a doggy bone. The options are endless. The slobber will be infinite.

    Real Ingredients. Real Results.

    We stacked this formula with a few other gut-healthy friends. It's made with pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, and apple to provide added fiber.

    we’re a whole different breed.

    Native Pet vs. the others
    Perk Native Pet The Others Details
    effective dosage
    tastes really, really good
    whole, real ingredients
    best tasting
    pet obsessed


    our products consistently receive a resounding 5-woof review...

    Two dogs outside.

    "My dogs absolutely love this pumpkin. I can just put some on a spoon and they’ll lick the spoon clean. One has diarrhea and the other is constipated. Helps relieve both problems. Best of all I don’t have to hide it in their food."

    Cindy S.
    white bulldog lying down on its back on a couch

    "Occasionally Miss Bunny, our American Bulldog, has tummy troubles. The first time I tried the Pumpkin Powder it was successful almost immediately. Now I keep it in the pantry at all times. Bunny loves the taste and it works!"

    Nona J. + Bunny
    South Carolina
    brown and white dog sniffing Native Pet Pumpkin Powder

    "My puppy is obsessed with the flavor & it truly does help her digestion. She got an infection and this helped with the symptoms so much while she was healing. Now we use it every day to maintain healthy firm stools. We cannot go without it."

    Laura M.

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