Air-Dried Chicken Chews


Package of Native Pet 60 count Calm Chews on a purple floral background
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 Native Pet Calm Chews on a purple background with a raw chicken thigh on the right and chews sprink
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Air-Dried Chicken Chews


Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 183 reviews

Super functional, clean chews that are all bite and no B.S. Use them for trips to the vet, during firework season, and when they travel. 

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Super functional, clean chews that are all bite and no B.S. Use them for trips to the vet, during firework season, and when they travel. 

30-day money back guarantee
easy cancellations on subscriptions
made in USA
researched and formulated by vets
the right active ingredients in the right dosage
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  • Minimal Processing.
    Maximum Benefit.

    Unlike soft-dried chews, our proprietary air-dried chews allow for natural ingredients with less processing and zero additives.

  • A perfect doggy

    Calm Chicken Chews aren't just for crazy pups. These supplements may help to calm nerves, ease separation anxiety, and chill them out for car rides, vet visits, and more.

  • Real Chicken =
    Real Tail Wags

    Fake chicken flavoring? That's a no from us, dog. We make sure your pup eats and enjoys their supplements with real chicken that's really tasty.

illustration of weiner dog's tail

we’re a whole different breed.

native pet vs. THE OTHERs

  • effective dosage

  • tastes really, really good

  • innovative process

  • Whole Food Ingredients

  • pet obsessed

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 raw chicken leg with sky background yellow badge that says, "made with"

Real Chicken

Tastes so much better than fake chicken flavoring, so your dog will actually eat it. 

 hemp seeds

Hemp Seed Powder

Gives your dog a healthy dose of stearidonic acid (SDA), a plant-based fatty acid known to support normal brain function.

illustration molecule of melatonin with cloud background


Everyone's favorite natural sleep aid has been shown to create calm and enhance that much-needed dog nap.

illustration molecule of l-theanine with cloud background


This plant-based amino acid encourages that relaxed-yet-alert state.


we consistently receive a resounding 5-woof review...

tan dog licking his lips while looking at Native Pet Calming Chews

"Sometimes stores make Maya nervous or she's just having a bad day. If we know we are having a lot of people or activity in the house I will give her a calm chew (which she loves) to reduce her anxiety. She is calm and at ease and just generally a happy girl."

Colette D.


fluffy golden dog lying next to a plant and Native Pet products

"We use this treat for flying and anything that causes high anxiety for our dog. We got some just in time for july 4th because of the fireworks. It seems to help. He also loves the taste."

Cooper W.


tan dog lying on a bed with Native Pet Calming and Relief Chews

"These supplements are life savers! My dog gets anxious and these chews help him calm down. I love that these chews have limited ingredients. I've finally found a supplement where I know exactly what is going into my dog's body."

Victoria K.


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