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4 Nutritional Recipes for Kongs and Other Enrichment Toys

Check out these 4 recipes you can use in your Kongs or other enrichment toys that are nutritious, delicious, and doggy-approved.

4 Nutritional Recipes for Kongs and Other Enrichment Toys

Check out these 4 recipes you can use in your Kongs or other enrichment toys that are nutritious, delicious, and doggy-approved.

by: Lori Wells, Certified Pet Nutrition Counselor

Enrichment toys are one of the most accessible tools a pet owner can use to increase their dog's mental stimulation and physical movement. This interactive playtime can not only help satisfy a dog's instinctual needs, but it can also be highly nutritious! Mental stimulation and enrichment toys can decrease problem behaviors and boredom at home while increasing focus and positive mental health, making it a fun outlet for your dog during the day.

Some of the most popular options on the market are enrichment toys that dispense a treat or filler. These include the Kong Wobbler, Kong Classic, Kong Extreme, and the Kong Ribbon. Fillers might consist of peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin, and popular freeze-dried treats or other manufactured store-bought fillers.

Many store-bought fillers look like convenient options, but when the ingredient panel is explored, various food colors, preservatives, and sugar are added to many recipes, leaving many pet parents looking for natural/healthy alternatives.

Read on to find 4 recipes you can use in your Kongs or other enrichment toys that are nutritious, delicious, and doggy-approved.

Types of Enrichment Toys

There are so many fun puzzle toys on the market, from options for power chewers made of durable rubber to choices for first-time users or puppies with easy treat dispensing capabilities. These options will grow with a dog's learning capabilities over time. Some options are designed to satisfy common breed-specific needs, like crinkle toys, squeaker balls, tennis balls, plush toys, rope toys, and fetch toys with a secondary puzzle component.

One of the most popular toy brands for interactive play and enrichment is Kong! Many pet owners report that these toys are some of the most indestructible and long-lasting enrichment toys on the market. Outside of the Kong brand, there are also many excellent alternative options that pet owners can try with their dogs. These brands include Planet Dog, West Paw, Outward Hound, Jolly Pets, JW Pet, Lick Mats and Starmark. The goal of purchasing enrichment toys for your dog is to create opportunities for mental stimulation and movement and use highly nutritious fillers with them. 

Let's jump right into how you can create highly nutritious treats for your dog's puzzle toys.

Recipe #1: Tasty Treat for Sensitive Tummies

Puzzle toy ideas: Kong Extreme, Kong Classic, or West Paw Tux



Combine filtered water and Pumpkin Powder to create a pumpkin puree. Mix your dog's recommended Probiotic dosage with the pumpkin puree. Scoop the mixture into the Kong and then wrap the top with plastic wrap. Put the Kong in the freezer for 30-60 minutes or overnight.

Pro-Tip: Give this enrichment toy as a snack during the day. This will allow the healthy probiotics to get through the digestive system to the small intestines.

Calories: 33-47 kcals per serving (depending on the amount of Probiotic Powder used)

Recipe #2: Weight Loss Wonder

Puzzle Toys: Kong Goodie Ribbon or Planet Dog Nooks  


  • Native Pet Pumpkin (follow dosage recommendations for your dog's weight)
  • ¼ cup plain, organic applesauce (no sugar added)


Mix your pet's recommended dosage of Native Pet Pumpkin with ¼ cup of plain organic applesauce. Fill your puzzle toy with the mix and then wrap it with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer for 30-60 minutes or overnight.

Pro Tip: If your pet is overweight, give them this puzzle toy before a meal. It will help your pet feel full and satisfied until dinner.

Calories: 38-124 kcal (depending on the amount of Pumpkin Powder used)

Recipe #3: The Daily Delish

Puzzle Toy: Kong Lick Mat


  • Native Pet The Daily (follow dosage recommendations for your dog's weight)
  • 4 oz low-fat baby food OR
  • 2 TBSP all-natural peanut butter (no xylitol or added sugar)


Mix your dog's recommended dose of The Daily with 4 oz baby food or 2 TBSP of peanut butter and 2 oz filtered water. Then, rub the mixture onto the lickmat. Freeze the mat for a longer-lasting treat.

Pro-Tip: Baby food purees allow you to rotate organic fruits, veggies, and proteins into your pet's diet without too much time and effort. Check the ingredients of the baby food to avoid any artificial colors or additives

Calories: 240 kcals

Recipe #4: Digestive and Detox Blend

Puzzle Toy: Outward Hound Puzzle Games


  • Native Pet Bone Broth (follow dosage and hydration recommendations)
  • ½ cup pressed juice blend


Mix your dog's Native Pet Bone Broth dosage (rehydrated) with ½ cup pressed juice. Using an ice cube tray, fill the ice cube halfway with the mixture and freeze. Remove the ice cubes and hide them in one of Outward Hound's Puzzle Games or another game of your choice.

Pro Tip: Put the enrichment game in the freezer for 5-10 minutes for longer-lasting fun.

For pet parents who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and make yummy treats for their dogs, enrichment toys open a world of possibilities for homemade recipes to feed your pup. Kong recipes offer so many benefits to your dog: delicious snacks, health benefits, and mental stimulation, all rolled into one tasty toy.

Making recipes for your dog's enrichment toys also gives you more control over your pet's diet and treats, especially if your dog has been diagnosed with a particular disease or needs to watch their weight. Always supervise your dog when they are playing with a new toy or treat to ensure they are safe with their exciting new game. Also, discuss any new foods or supplements you are considering adding to your dog's diet with your veterinarian.

Don't forget to follow @nativepet to find more recipes and enrichment ideas for your dog.

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