Air Dried Chicken Chews


The back of pouch of Native Pet allergy air dried chews with ingredients & label
Dog with tongue sticking out & hand with Native Pet chew & left hand with a pouch of air dried chews
Native pet allergy chews pouch with 60 air dried chews with a bright green background
The back of pouch of Native Pet allergy air dried chews with ingredients & label
Air Dried Chicken Chews


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Based on 393 reviews
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30 count - 120 count

Rethink allergy season with our proprietary, super-functional Air-Dried Chews that alleviate occasional discomfort (like red eyes and sneezing) and support long-term immunity.

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    Supports seasonal allergies and healthy immune system function

    blue circular design saying "only nine ingredients" with a large blue number nine in the center blue circular design saying "vet developed" with a blue paw in the center blue circular design saying "spirulina pro and post-biotics" with a blue plant in the center

    colostrum (bovine), spirulina, dried yeast fermentate (postbiotics), algae oil, bacillus coagulans (probiotics), bone broth gelatin (porcine), chicken, coconut glycerin, mixed tocopherols (natural preservative)

    Allergy Chews Product Facts & Ingredients

    For the first 14 days, use 2 chews for every 25 lb. of dog body weight. 

    After the first 14 days use 1 chew for every 25 lbs. of dog. (example: a 40 lb. dog would receive 2 chews)

    Can be given during or after mealtime. Use daily or as needed.

    The inventor of the air-dried chew

    because there are only so many times you can say “bless you” to your dog.

    chihuahua getting belly rubs chihuahua getting belly rubs
    • Minimal Processing.
      Maximum Benefit.

      Unlike soft-dried chews, our proprietary air-dried chews allow for natural ingredients with less processing and zero additives.

    • 100% of dogs said
      they loved it

      Finally, stop hiding pills in peanut butter. Your dog will actually want to take these seasonal supplements. Plus, the more they take it, they better the support.

    • Real Chicken =
      Real Tail Wags

      Fake chicken flavoring? That's a no from us, dog. We make sure your pup eats and enjoys their supplements with real chicken that's really tasty.

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    we’re a whole different breed.

    native pet vs. THE OTHERs

    • effective formulas

    • tastes really, really good

    • innovative process

    • whole food ingredients

    • pet obsessed

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    A close up photo of raw chicken with a blue sky background yellow badge with text saying "made with"
    Real Chicken

    Tastes so much better than fake chicken flavoring, so your dog will actually eat it. 

    photo of b-coagulans
    B. Coagulans

    This probiotic supports healhty immune function.

    photo of tan dried fermentate
    Dried Fermentate

    This post-biotic increases antibodies to fight seasonal and environmental allergies.

    close up photo of a cow's utters with a blue sky background

    Also known as "first milk," this ingredient supports immune health.

    photo of green spirulina

    A superfood algae that protects against allergens.


    we consistently receive a resounding 5-woof review...

    two white dogs sitting on a wooden bench with Native Pet Allergy Chews

    "This product helps keep their allergies in check (less paw licking , sneezing, and scratching). Aliyah and Ali look forward to their Native Pet supplements every morning. Highly recommend!"

    Maria A.


    golden retriever sitting in the grass holding his owner's hand

    "Thank you so much for making this incredible product. My Golden was itching and chewing herself. After 2.5 weeks of being on it- we have our girl back to normal and I’m so grateful for this product! I have stocked up! You must try!"

    Lauren P.


    small black dog sitting down next to Native Pet Allergy Chews

    "I've noticed that since we've started eating the allergy chews, he is a lot less itchy. He used to scratch at his eyes quite a bit and bite on his feet. I very rarely see him doing this anymore. I would say definitely give these a try this allergy season!"

    Kavitha R. + Nimbus


    need our help choosing the right supplement for your fur-baby?

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