The Native Pet

Our Story

Native Pet was established by a team of passionate pet owners and food nerds. Our dream began with a simple question: Why don't our pets have access to whole foods? 

We knew that pets, like humans, needed whole food nutrition for healthy living, but this option for pet food was rare. So instead of waiting around for a solution, we decided to start Native Pet and bring whole foods to our pets.

Food: the original remedy. All pets deserve to live a full and vigorous life, and Native Pet looks to play a small part by adding simple, all-natural treats to your pet’s diet. When you use Native Pet, know that your pet is taking a step towards a more holistic life.

Super foods. Super function. We believe that healthy living starts with a simple, all-natural diet. Native Pet defers to nature when it comes to formulation, which means zero preservatives, no artificial or "inactive" ingredients, and no fillers.

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