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Our Origins

Humans have been using targeted nutrition and supplements to improve their own health for generations—so why don’t we do the same for our pets? When our CEO, Dan Schaefer, was on the hunt for better nutrition for his Labrador retriever, Louie, he found that brands were missing the mark. Dan called on his childhood friend, Pat Barron, who had the same passion for food systems, entrepreneurship, and of course, pets. Pat immediately saw a great opportunity to help pets everywhere, so he quit his job and together the two launched Native Pet.
Our goal is to make a difference in your pet’s life by offering nutritional supplements that are simple, effective, and tasty.

Our Experts

When it comes to development, Native Pet turns to the experts. We work with top nutritionists, the best vets, specialized food scientists, and manufacturing experts to create each and every formula from the ground up.
The result? Highly effective formulas made by the most knowledgeable people in the pet food world.

Our Team

Together with our pet-loving team of marketers, creatives, and operational masters, Native Pet offers specialized supplements, toppers, and chews that provide balanced nutrition for every single pet. As we develop and improve a pet’s diet beyond traditional kibble, the core values associated with our humble beginnings have remained the same.
Native Pet wants to improve the lives of pets—starting with yours.