Air Dried Chicken Chews


A pouch of Native Pet Relief Chews on a dirt background
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 Native Pet relief chew pouches with air-dried chews. There is ginger, chews, mussels and a raw chic
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Native Pet back of pack relief chews. The packaging includes details on product facts and ingredient
Air Dried Chicken Chews


Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 404 reviews
30 count - 120 count

Specially made for senior dogs, our proprietary, super-functional Air-Dried Chews help support joint flexibility and mobility.

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The inventor of the air-dried chew.

loosens up your dog's joints better than beach yoga.

 collie looking a relief chew that is in someone's hand with a blue sky background  collie looking a relief chew that is in someone's hand with a blue sky background
  • Minimal Processing. Maximum Benefit.

    Unlike soft-dried chews, our proprietary air-dried chews allow for natural ingredients with less processing and zero additives.

  • because dog years are so real

    Adult and senior dogs are too old for all that other sh*t. Finally, give them a supplement for their well-trained palette that will actually help them get back to the dog park.

  • Real Chicken = Real Tail Wags

    Fake chicken flavoring? That's a no from us, dog. We make sure your pup eats and enjoys their supplements with real chicken that's really tasty.

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illustration of weiner dog & the thought bubble says: "whoa."

we’re a whole different breed.

native pet vs. THE OTHERs

  • effective dosage

  • tastes really, really good

  • innovative process

  • Whole Food Ingredients

  • pet obsessed

illustration of Weiner dog with thought bubble: "whoa."
 a raw chicken leg with a blue sky background Yellow badge that says, "made with"

Real Chicken

Tastes so much better than fake chicken flavoring, so your dog will actually eat it. 

 a green-lipped mussel with a blue sky background

Organic Green Lipped Mussel

This anti-inflammatory marine superfood that contains omega-3 and amino acids and has been clinically shown to support healthy joint function.

molecular model of polyphenol with a blue sky background

All-Natural Polyphenol Blend

These beneficial micronutrients are found naturally in fruits, veggies, and herbs. Our special blend targets joint inflammation. 

 turmeric with a blue sky background

Turmeric Extract

Our turmeric extract is 95% curcumin and filled with antioxidants and can support healthy inflammation response. A daily dose of curcumin in dogs has been clinically shown to help fight off inflammatory diseases.

 black pepper fruit

Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Also known as bioperine, this ingredient ensures that the curcumin is absorbed and helps to improve organ function.


our products consistently receive a resounding 5-woof review...

small tan dog waiting for a Native Pet Relief Chew

"My dog deals with some joint issues and what a difference these have made! They have definitely helped alleviate the issue as well as increase mobility. Bonus: these treats are also delicious so your dog will enjoy eating them!"

Dayea P.


black shepherd mix standing in the grass smiling

"I completely notice a difference in my dog when she doesn’t get her relief chew. She moves slower, wouldn’t chase the ball if thrown too far... I’ve been giving her these relief chews consistently for the last 2 months and she runs around like the frisky pup she used to be. "

Janell M.


brown chihuahua looking at a Native Pet Relief Chew

"I have bought several joint supplements from other brands for my dog. She didn’t like any of them. I was starting to think it was a lost cause. She enjoys these from Native Pet."

Katie C.

New York

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