Air Dried Chicken Chews


Air Dried Chicken Chews


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30 count - 120 count

Support your dog’s healthy bladder function with our proprietary, super-functional Air-Dried Chews that provide ongoing urinary tract support.

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Supports normal bladder function, urinary tract health, and healthy kidneys

blue circular design saying "only seven ingredients" with a blue number seven in the center blue circular design saying "cranberry extract d-mannose" with two blue droplets in the center blue circular design saying "vet developed" with a blue paw in the center

Cranberry extract, d-mannose, bacillus subtilis (probiotics), bone broth gelatin (porcine), chicken, coconut glycerin, mixed tocopherols (natural preservative)

Use 1 chew for every 25 lbs. of dog (example: a 40 lb. dog would receive 2 chews)

Can be given during or after mealtime. Use daily.

The inventor of the air-dried chew.

because your rug can only take so much

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  • Minimal Processing. Maximum Benefit.

    Unlike soft-dried chews, our proprietary air-dried chews allow for natural ingredients with less processing and zero additives.

  • Bladder Care
    Made Better

    Our easy-to-love and efficacious format protects the integrity of all our natural and delicious ingredients to help pups that are prone to peeing… a lot.

  • Real Chicken =
    Real Tail Wags

    Fake chicken flavoring? That's a no from us, dog. We make sure your pup eats and enjoys their supplements with real chicken that's really tasty.

we’re a whole different breed.

native pet vs. THE OTHERs

  • effective dosage

  • tastes really, really good

  • innovative process

  • whole, real ingredients

  • pet obsessed

close up photo of raw chicken with a blue sky background
Real Chicken

Tastes so much better than fake chicken flavoring, so your dog will actually eat it. 

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Cranberry Extract

Not just for humans, this targeted extract makes your pup's urinary tract less hospitable for bacteria and infection.

photo of b-subtilis
D. Mannose

This ingredient is used to move bacteria away from latching onto the urinary tract lining.


we consistently receive a resounding 5-woof review...

blue eyed dog sitting on grass looking at Native Pet Bladder Chews

"My dog couldn't wait to try one of these chews! He had one and wanted more. It's great that these also help with the urinary tract health."

Kaylie S.

South Carolina

white dog licking his lips while looking at Native Pet Bladder Chews

"My puppy goes absolutely Bonkers for these chews! Knowing that these chews are natural flavors without any extra additives makes me happy to know I’m giving her just the right chews! Thank you Native Pet!"

Vanessa F.


two smiling white dogs lying down next to Native Pet Bladder Chews

"My very picky 10-year-old Australian Shepherd and "will try anything once" 2-year-old Doodle LOVE these treats - 10/10."

Jackie Anne T.


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close up photo of tan shar pei dog