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The Best Probiotic Powders Your Pup Will Actually Like

Shih Tzu smelling kibbles with a can of probiotic powder next to it

The Daily Beast Article

Published on June 6th, 2022



Probiotic powders have been a popular additive in a dog’s diet for a long time. The benefits of probiotics are numerous, and they’re often used in conjunction with other foods to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Here are some of the best probiotic powders based on their texture and the types of puppies to use them for so that they can benefit your pet, especially when you use them regularly. We have chosen these options based on their effectiveness, taste, and quality ingredients. Take a look at our list of favorites below.


Native Pet Probiotic for Dogs

This is a safe and natural supplement that helps treat coprophagia. There are only four included ingredients, which makes it easy to know exactly what your dog is eating.

Pros: Alleviates stomach upset in dogs. Softens dog stool

Cons: May cause an upset stomach



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