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Introducing: The Daily

One scoop of this super supplement includes 11 essential health benefits for your fur baby and will help them to feel amazing, everyday.

Introducing: The Daily

One scoop of this super supplement includes 11 essential health benefits for your fur baby and will help them to feel amazing, everyday.


We are thrilled to introduce The Daily, Native Pet’s all-in-one everyday super supplement that supports the most common ailments experienced in canine health. The Daily is officially now available wherever Native Pet products are sold–nationwide. One scoop of this super supplement includes 11 essential health benefits for your fur baby and will help them to feel amazing, everyday. From gut issues in your young pup, to declining joint health in your aging dog, The Daily has you covered. 

Native Pet The Daily Super Supplement


When we decided to bring an all-in-one supplement to market, step one was undergoing deep research. We turned to trusted vet nutritionists, veterinarians, and food scientists to determine the most effective way to formulate. Our first question was: what common health issues are we looking to solve? We researched the top ailments that most dogs experience during their lifetimes and made it our mission to create a product that would support the top health concerns for most dogs. 

Then, we dug into the ingredients. We consulted with our team of experts to determine the most effective research-backed ingredients in order to support each of those common ailments. From the beginning, it was incredibly important that each ingredient had a specific, functional purpose. Dosage of each ingredient was carefully considered to ensure that The Daily made a measurable difference in the everyday health and wellness of our dogs. 

Native Pet The Daily product being scooped


Early on in the innovation process, we knew that we wanted to include highly efficacious amounts of multiple active ingredients. When we considered the chew format, it was clear that we’d either need to make a sacrifice in dosage amounts or total ingredient inclusion. For this reason, we innovated outside of the typical all-in-one supplement format, and decided to innovate an everyday powder supplement.

Choosing a powder format allowed us to achieve our goal of bringing the BEST all-in-one supplement to market, without making any compromises to the final product. Our powder format afforded the product three major advantages. First, we were able to include all of our priority ingredients that were uncovered during our research phase to round out the total canine support profile of The Daily. Second, the powder format allowed us to create a shelf-stable product that didn’t compromise the efficacy of those ingredients via over-processing and maintained the integrity of their health benefits. Lastly, the palatability scores do not lie–dogs love the taste of our super supplement powder and prefer it over generic soft chews.  

Native Pet The Daily


Premium ingredient selection was the backbone to our vision for this product. After working closely with our vet nutritionist, we formulated with the following active ingredient line-up that supports snout-to-tail wellness for our pups:

  • Probiotic Blend: 2 billions CFUs support overall healthy digestion
  • DHA Gold: A premium Omega 3 that contains a range of anti-inflammatory benefits for healthy immune response
  • Cranberry Extract: Not just for humans, this targeted extract makes your pup's urinary tract less hospitable for bacteria and infection
  • Glucosamine: An amino sugar that helps support healthy joints and mobility in dogs
  • Chondroitin: Similar to human supplements, this ingredients helps support cartilage and connective tissue health
  • Pumpkin: A gut-friendly source of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Collagen: Our beef bone broth is packed with collagen which supports healthy joints and mobility
  • L-Carnitine: An essential amino acid that helps turn fat into useable energy for spritely trips to the park
  • Taurine: A natural antioxidant for healthy eyesight, heart health, and hearing
  • Beta Carotene: A source of Vitamin A that supports their immune system and helps maintain healthy vision

Brown scruffy dog jumps into the air



At Native Pet, we know that every dog ages in unique ways. Whether your pup is sluggish with developing vision issues, or they simply can’t chase the ball the way they used to, The Daily’s all-in-one formula helps to support each dog along their journey. This well rounded super supplement is the easiest and most effective way to add more benefits to their everyday diet and bring out the best in your furry friend.

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