Omega Oil


Omega Oil


All Natural

Omega Oil

A targeted formula that promotes healthy skin and coat with added heart-health benefits.

Addresses irritating skin conditions

Reduces itching and scratching

Helps alleviate joint pain

Shelf-stable for up to 2 years



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Additional Benefits

Super delicious, extra nutritious food topper

Helps achieve optimal levels of all Omega-3s

Made from ethically sourced, wild-caught fish

5 simple ingredients. 1 magical formula.

We start with two types of fish oil for a well-rounded boost of both EPA and DHA Omega-3’s. It’s the most effective, active ingredient for supporting healthy skin and coat.

The third type of Omegas can only be found in veggies. Enter: Wheat Germ Oil...which actually contains no wheat! Our vet nutritionist recommended it for its abundance in much-needed ALA Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. 

Good fatty acids need a good metabolizer. We added Biotin (aka Vitamin B7) to keep up with all that cell turnover, ensuring it all goes down smoothly. 

Not all preservatives are bad. We chose this particular tocopherol, not only to make our Omega Oil last longer, but also for its antioxidant benefits. This is what we call a win-win for skin health.


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Wheat Germ Oil


Biotin (Vitamin B7)