Hip + Joint Chicken Chews


Hip + Joint Chicken Chews



Hip + Joint Chicken Chews

Super functional, clean chews that are all bite and no B.S.

  • Works to improve mobility
  • Helps alleviate joint pain
  • Aids in long-term joint health
  • Gives an extra protein boost


Additional Benefits

Made from
real chicken

Free of Fillers and artificial flavors

Designed by vets,
backed by science

6 Simple Ingredients. 1 Magic Formula.

Real chicken, organic coconut glycerin and natural tocopherols form the backbone of our air-dried chew, allowing for a protein-forward supplement with a longer shelf life and bonus Vitamin E benefits.

Green Lipped Mussel is an anti-inflammatory superhero. In the right dosage over a 6-week period, it’s been clinically shown to reduce arthritic scores, joint pain and joint swelling in dogs. But we don’t stop there...  

Poly-whatta? Don’t worry, polyphenols are beneficial micronutrients found naturally in fruits, veggies, and herbs. Our special blend targets joint inflammation.

We use bone broth that features type II collagen, which has been linked to reducing overall joint pain.

New Zealand

Green Lipped Mussel


Polyphenol Blend


Bone Broth




Coconut Glycerin



Why air-dried beats those soft chews

Formulated by a leading vet nutritionist, our chews feature clean ingredients in the exact doses your dog needs. Through our game-changing method of air-drying these ingredients, we found a way to deliver real food nutrients without sacrificing any of their naturally occurring benefits.

Soft chews tend to lean on fillers, flavorings and hard-to-pronounce ingredients that, although tasty, are unnecessary. Even Glucosamine and Chondroitin are questionable when many brands don’t use enough to render them effective.

With Native Pet’s Air-Dried Chews, you get the cleanest, most effective chew available...no, seriously, we’ve looked.